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This list contains recently released recordings. It has been put together from several sources. Additions and corrections are most welcome.

The list is divided into two sections: first all releases devoted to one composer or a couple of composers. When works by more than one composer are recorded, the CD is alphabetised on the 'main' composer; otherwise on the first composer in the alphabet. After that follow the 'collections': CDs which contain works by three or more composers.
The name of the label and the reference number link - if possible - to a site with more information about the release.
Recordings which have been previously released are marked with (R).
Many record companies have a website. For lists look at Medieval Music & Arts Foundation or at Early Music Links.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to previous lists with CD releases.

N.B. Musicians and/or ensembles which want their new discs to be included in this list can send me an e-mail:
There are two conditions:
- the use of period instruments (if relevant)
- a link to a website with details about the disc

June 2017


Antico: "Frottole Intabulate Libro Primo, 1517"
Maria Luisa Baldassari, harpsichord, organ

Tactus - TC 480101

Bach (CPE): "Complete Works for Keyboard & Violin"
Duo Belder Kimura

Resonus Classics - RES10192 (2 CDs)

Bach (JS): "Erhalt uns Herr bei deinem Wort"
Soloists, Gechinger Cantorey/Hans-Christoph Rademann

Carus - 83.311

Bach (JS): "La Cité Céleste - Weimar Cantatas"
Ensemble Alia Mens/Olivier Spilmont

Paraty - PTY916157D

Bach (JS): Violin Sonatas
Apollo Ensemble

Centaur - CRC 3527

Beethoven: "Variations"
Olga Pashchenko, fortepiano

Alpha - 365

Burney: "Sonatas for Four Hands"
Anna Clemente, Suzanna Piolanti, square piano [Kirckman, 1800]

Brilliant Classics - 95447 (2 CDs)

Buxtehude: Membra Jesu nostri
Soloists, Bachsolisten Seoul/Seung-hee Park

Audioguy - AGCD0099

Buxtehude: "Trio sonatas op. 1"

Alpha - 367

Clamer: "Mensa Harmonica, Tafelmusik - Salzburg 1682"
Dolce Risonanza

Christophorus - CHR77406

Crusell: "Three Quartets for clarinet & strings"
Eric Hoeprich, clarinet; London Haydn Quartet

Glossa - GCD 920609

Fiorè: "Complete Cello Sonatas & 17th Century Italian Arias"
Suzie LeBlanc, soprano; Elinor Frey, cello; Esteban La Rotta, theorbo; Lorenzo Ghielmi, harpsichord

Passacaille - 1026

Froberger: "Froberger's Traces"
Johannes Maria Bogner, clavichord

fra bernardo - fb 1703213

Fux: "Complete Music for Harpsichord"
Filippo Emanuele Ravizza, harpsichord

Brilliant Classics - 95189 (2 CDs)

Geminiani: "The Art of Playing on the Violin"
Gottfried von der Goltz, violin; Annekatrin Beller, cello; Thomas C. Boysen, theorbo; Torsten Johann, harpsichord

Aparté - AP134

Handel: 9 Deutsche Arien
Marie Friederike Schoder, soprano; Batzdorfer Hofkapelle

Accent - ACC 24326

Handel: "German Arias"
Fritz Spengler, alto; Christian Voss, violin; Ensemble Contrapunct_us

Klanglogo - KL 1520

Handel: Occasional Oratorio (HWV 62)
Soloists, Choir of Bavarian Radio, Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin/Howard Arman

BR Klassik - 900520 (2 CDs)

Handel: Suites de pièces pour le clavecin
Paolo Zanzu, harpsichord

Musica Ficta - MF8025

Handel: Water Music; Telemann: Wassermusik
Zefiro/Alfredo Bernardini

Arcana - A 432

Haydn (FJ): "String Quartets, Op. 20 Nos 4-6 - Vol. 2"
Chiaroscuro Quartet

BIS - 2168

Kuhlau, Czerny, Weber: Trios for pianoforte, flute & cello
Trio Laflamme

Coviello - COV 91709

Lapis: "La stravaganza & 12 Harpsichord Sonatas"
Luigi Accardo, harpsichord

Arcana - AD 107

Laserna: "Musica En Los Salones Y Teatros Del Madrid Del Siglo XVIII"
Ingartze Astuy, mezzo-soprano; Maria Saturno, cello; Fernando Anton, guitar

Lindoro - NL3034

Lobo (D): Missa Vox clamantis
Truro Cathedral Choir/Christopher Gray

Regent Records - REGCD491

Michael (T): "Musicalische Seelenlust: Sacred Madrigals"
Weser-Renaissance Bremen/Manfred Cordes

CPO - 777 935-2

Mozart (WA): "Die Freimaurermusiken"
Jan Kobow, Maximilian Kiener, tenor; David Steffens, bass; Salzburger Hofmusik/Wolfgang Brunner

CPO - 777 917-2

Pandolfi Mealli: "Sonate, Roma 1669"
Opera Qvinta/Fabrizio Longo

Tactus - TC 621602

Pekiel: "II" (Missa a 14; Missa Senza Le Cerimonie I & II; Missa Paschalis; Missa Concertata La Lombardesca)
Wroclaw Baroque Ensemble/Andrzej Kosendiak

CD Accord - ACD 240

Petrucci (ed): "Intavolature di liuto"
Sandro Volta, lute

Brilliant Classics - 95262

Popma van Oevering: "Suittes voor 't Clavier"
Bob van Asperen, harpsichord, organ

Aeolus - AE-10144

Ruge: "Concerto, Sinfonia, Arias and Chamber Music"
Enrico Casularo, transverse flute; Ensemble Flatus

Brilliant Classics - 95495

Schütz: "Psalmen"
Dresdner Kammerchor/Hans-Christoph Rademann

Carus - 83.016

Telemann: "Sonate a flauto solo"
Lorenzo Cavasanti, recorder; Caroline Boersma, cello; Sergio Ciomei, harpsichord

Arcana - A 433

Telemann: "Telemann's Poland"
Orkiestra Czasow Zarazy

Ayros - AYCD01

Tinctoris: "Secret Consolations"
Le Miroir De Musique/Baptiste Romain

Ricercar - RIC 380

Weiss: "Early Works"
Joachim Held, lute

Hänssler Classic - HC16045


"Age of Indulgence"
Les Délices

Navona Records - NV6098

"Le berger poète - Suites et Sonates pour flute et musette"
Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien/Francois Lazarevitch

Alpha - 332

"La chemise blanche" (F Couperin, Forqueray)
Rainer Zipperling, Sofia Diniz, viola da gamba; Pieter Jan Belder, harpsichord

Aeolus - AE-10266

"Cosmography of Polyphony - A journey through Renaissance Music with 12 recorders"
The Royal Wind Music

Pan Classics - PC 10377

"Enlightened Virtuoso"
Zbigniew Pilch, violin

CD Accord - ACD 232

"Gamba Concertos"
Thomas Fritzsch, viola da gamba; Michael Schonheit, fortepiano; Merseburger Hofmusik

Coviello - COV 91710

"The Harp's Theatre - Harp music in 17th Century Spain"
Sara Agueda, harp; Adriana Mayer, mezzo-soprano; Victor Sordo, tenor; Calia Álvarez, vihuela de arco; Daniel Garay, drums

Dux - DUX1359

"Italian Rococo at the Hermitage"
Claire Genewein, transverse flute; La Cetra Consort

Solo Musica - SM258

"Late Night Lute"
Matthew Wadsworth, lute

Deux-Elles - DXL1175

"Music for Troubled Times - The Civil War and Siege of York"
The Ebor Singers/Paul Gameson

Resonus Classics - RES10194

"Splendid Harmony - 17th Century Instrumental Music by Students of Heinrich Schütz"
L'Arpa Festante

deutsche harmonia mundi - 88985419452

"Splendour - Organ Music & Vocal Works"
Kei Koito, organ; Il Canto Di Orfeo

deutsche harmonia mundi - 88985437672

"Stravaganza d'Amore - The Birth of Opera at the Medici Court "
Ensemble Pygmalion/Raphaël Pichon

Harmonia mundi - HMM 90228687

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