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Tessarini: Contrasto Armonico & Introducioni a 4

Aura Musicale
Dir: Balász Máté

rec: June, 2000, Tordas, Lutheran Church
Hungaroton - HCD 32025 (64'55")

Contrasto armonico op. X: Introducione in D; Contrasto I in A; Contrasto II in C; Contrasto III in G; Introducioni a 4, op. XI, libro I: Introducione I in G; Introducione II in D; Introducione III in B flat

The Italian composer Carlo Tessarini was born in Rimini around 1690. He worked at several cathedrals and a number of years in Urbino. From there he undertook many concert tours through Europe. As far as known his last public appearance was in a concert in Arnhem in the Netherlands in 1766. Although almost forgotten in modern times, his works were widely known in the 18th century and several publishing houses competed to publish them. When one listens to the music on this CD, it is easy to understand why they were doing so.

In particular the Contrasti are quite unconventional: they contain unusually long soli for 2 violins while the basso continuo is absent and a third violin is taking over the role of the bass. There are also astonishingly virtuoso cadenzas as well as pretty unconventional harmonies. It is clear that this isn't baroque music anymore.

The performance by the Hungarian ensemble Aura Musicale, directed by the cellist Bálasz Máté, is excellent. The fast movements are very virtuoso and lively, and the expression in the slow movements is well realised. The soloists are doing an great job as well. This is certainly a composer I would like to hear more of.

Johan van Veen (© 2002)

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