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What is new?

On this page I will inform about changes at and additions to this site. The newest contributions are on top.

(Sept 14, 2019)
As an increasing number of music lovers listen to Spotify, every review will include a link to the disc concerned.

(July 23, 2016)
Brava (Dutch private TV channel) has been added to the list of channels at the RTV page.

(July 18, 2015)
Mezzo TV and Arte TV have been added to the list of channels at the RTV page.

(Jan 18, 2014)
Radio New Zealand Concert has been added to the list of channels at the RTV page.

(April 20, 2013)
The programme schedule at the Radio & TV page has been extended with ABC Classic FM (Australia).

(Nov 24, 2012)
The Google search machine has also been added to the index page of the CD reviews. This will speed up the search for reviews.

(Sept 10, 2012)
A new service is added to the site: Events. This page will include a list of musical events, like concerts, festivals, conferences etc. Regular concert series are not included. If you want an event to be included in this list, please send me an e-mail. The data needed are country, place, venue and time as well as a short description of the event, preferably with a link. Whether an event is included is to my judgment.

(Dec 12, 2011)
A Google search machine has been added at the bottom of the homepage.

(Nov 7, 2011)
Updates of this site are also announced on Facebook.

(Oct 10, 2011)
A programme schedule has been added to the Radio & TV page. It includes only concerts, live and recorded, as broadcast by the various channels listed on that page. It is regularly updated. For the time being only radio programmes are listed.
Updates of this site - including new reviews and additions to the radio & TV schedule - are also announced on Twitter.

(Sept 26, 2011)
Some people have asked me to add covers to my reviews. This takes too much space and make the pages slow to load. As from now every review will include a link to a page with the cover and sometimes additional information.

(August 15, 2011)
Two pages have been added to the site: Radio & TV and Links. The links page is still very much in progress. Additions and corrections as well as suggestions of additional categories are very welcome.
As far as the Radio & TV is concerned: so far I have only included radio channels which are available through internet. Excluded are channels which only play discs; the channels on the list all broadcast live or recorded concerts. TV channels are missing, but will be added later. I am also considering adding a weekly survey of concerts which are broadcast by the various channels. If that service starts, it will be announced here.

(August 1, 2011)
CD reviews will be extended with information about liner-notes and lyrics, with reference to translations.
D=German; E=English; F=French; I=Italian; N=Dutch; S=Spanish
Also added, as far as possible, is a link to a score of the music which can be found at the internet.

(July 18, 2011)
From this week on I will regularly publish a list of new CD releases. You will find them by clicking at the link 'CD releases' below.

(June 20, 2011)
Up until now the section 'CD reviews' only included reviews of recent releases. From June 2011 on some reissued recordings will also be reviewed. They will be marked (R).

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