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CD reviews (18 May 2015)

"Avanti l'opera - An A-Z of Italian baroque overtures"
Charivari Agréable/Kah-Ming Ng

"Comédie et Tragédie - Orchestral music for the theatre"
Tempesta di Mare/Gwyn Roberts, Richard Stone

"Évora - Portuguese Baroque Villancicos"
A Corte Musical/Rogério Gonçalves

"The excellent art of Voluntary"
Robert Costin, organ

Kraus: "Arias and Overtures"
Monica Groop, Helsinki Baroque Orchestra/Aapo Häkkinen

N.B. There will be no new reviews on 25 May (Whit Monday). The next reviews will be published on 1 June.

Concert review (6 May 2015):

Hildegard of Bingen: "Visions of Hildegard"
Ensemble Tiburtina/Barbora Kabátková

CD releases:

May 2015

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