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CD reviews (27 June 2016)

"François Ier - Music of a reign"
Doulce Mémoire/Denis Raisin Dadre

"Hasse, Tunder, Buxtehude - Vocal and instrumental music from the Marienkirche in Lübeck"
Soloists, Capella St. Marien/Johannes Unger

Madin: "Te Deum pour les victoires de Louis XV"
Soloists, Les Cris de Paris, Stradivaria/Daniel Cuiller

Purcell (H): "Fantazias & In nomines"
Sit Fast
"Sweet melancholy - Works for viol consort from Byrd to Purcell"
Cellini Consort
Tye: "In Nomine - Works for Recorder Consort"
Boreas Quartett Bremen, Han Tol

Tartini: "Cantabile e suonabile"
David Plantier, Annabelle Luis

CD releases (June 2016)

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