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CD reviews (30 May 2016)

"L'arpa Barberini - Music for harp and soprano in Early Baroque Rome"
Roberta Invernizzi, Margret Köll

CPE Bach:
- "Flute Sonatas"
Dorothea Seel, Christoph Hammer
- "Sonatas for Flute & Basso Continuo"
Katalin Horvath, Thomas Platzgummer, Eva Maria Pollerus

- "Cantates et Petits Macarons"
Natalia Kawalek-Plewniak, Il Giardino d'Amore/Stefan Plewniak

López Capillas: "Missa Re Sol, Missa Aufer a nobis, Motetes"
Capella Prolationum; Ensemble La Danserye

- Cymbalum Sionium
La Capella Ducale, Musica Fiata/Roland Wilson
- Musica boscareccia
Soloists, United Continuo Ensemble/Thor-Harald Johnsen

CD releases (May 2016):

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