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CD reviews (14 August 2017)

"Angel Devil Priest - Leclair, Locatelli & Vivaldi: Violin Concertos"
Rüdiger Lotter, Chouchane Siranossian, Hofkapelle München

"Formosa mea"
Tone Wik, Johan Nicolai Mohn, Karolina Radziej, Vegard Lund, Christian Kjos

Kuhnau: "Complete Organ Music"
Stefano Molardi, organ

Leopold I: "Paradisi Gloria - Sacred music"
Cappella Murensis, Les Cornets Noirs/Johannes Strobl

"Sentirete una canzonetta"
In Tabernae Musica

This year's summer schedule will run from 17 July to 11 September.
During that period new reviews will be published every two weeks: 28 August & 11 September.

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