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CD reviews (6 July 2015)

L'arpa di Partenope - Harp Music from Early Baroque Naples"
Margret Köll, arpa doppia
"Italia! - Harpsichord Music of the 17th century by Italians and 'oltramontani'"
Anne Marie Dragosits, harpsichord, spinet

"Luther's wedding day"
Capella de la Torre/Katharina Bäuml

"Semiramide - La Signora Regale"
Anna Bonitatibus, La Stagione Armonica, Accademia degli Astrusi/Federico Ferri

Steffani: "Vocal Chamber Duets"
Elena Bertuzzi, Alessio Tosi, Rebecca Ferri, Michele Pasotti, Francesco Baroni

Vivaldi: "La Stravaganza"
Armoniosa/Francesco Cerrato

CD releases:

June 2015

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