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Concert reviews (18 Nov 2015):

Heinrich Schütz: "Schütz in Italy"
Sette Voci/Peter Kooij

CD reviews (23 Nov 2015)

A Gabrieli: "Messa bassa a San Marco"
I Cantori di San Marco/Marco Gemmani

Keiser: Pomona
Soloists, Capella Orlandini Bremen/Thomas Ihlenfeldt

"La Passione - Luigi Boccherini, Joseph Haydn"
Erich Höbarth, Stefano Veggetti, Ensemble Cordia

Le Jeune: "Airs et psaumes"
Claudine Ansermet, Paolo Cherici

"Northern Baroque - Sweelinck, Buxtehude & Co."
Fabien Moulaert, organ; Zsuzsi Töth, soprano

Tunder: "Vocal and organ music"
Ulrike Hofbauer, Markus Flaig, La dolcezza; Arvid Gast, organ

CD releases:

November 2015

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