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CD releases:

February 2016

CD reviews (15 Feb 2016)

"Coeur - French airs de cour at the end of the 16th century"
Le Poème Harmonique/Vincent Dumestre

Graupner: "Concerti e Musica di Tavola"
Accademia Daniel/Shalev Ad-El

- "Biographie musicale vol. IV"
Odhecaton/Paolo Da Col
- "Missa super Dixit Joseph & motets"

D Scarlatti:
- "Sonatas"
Johannes Maria Bogner, clavichord
- "The Well-Tempered Scarlatti"
Mario Martinoli, harpsichord

Schütz: "Symphoniae Sacrae I" (SWV 257-276)
Weser-Renaissance Bremen/Manfred Cordes

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Updated: 15 February 2016


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