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CD reviews (12 Oct 2015)

JS Bach: "Bach in Montecassino"
Luca Guglielmi, organ

JS Bach: Secular Cantatas, Vols. 3 & 4
Bach Collegium Japan/Masaaki Suzuki

Binder: Sei Suonate per il Cembalo op. 1
Paulina Tkaczyk, harpsichord

"Mille consigli - 17th-century Italian violin sonatas"
Ensemble Aurora
"Perla barocca - Early Italian masterpieces"
Rachel Podger, Daniele Caminiti, Marcin Swiatkiewicz

Rameau: Les amants trahis
Hélène Guilmette, Philippe Sly, Ensemble Clavecin en concert/Luc Beauséjour


Opera (4): Francesco Cavalli, L'Ormindo (Jérôme Correas)

CD releases:

September 2015

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