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CD reviews (25 July 2016)

"Anne Boleyn's Songbook - Music & Passions of a Tudor Queen"
Clare Wilkinson, Alamire/David Skinner
"The Spy's Choirbook - Petrus Alamire & the Court if Henry VIII"
Alamire, English Cornett & Sackbut Ensemble/David Skinner

Castello: "Sonate Concertate 1629"
Musica Fiata/Roland Wilson

- "Handel"
Julia Lezhneva, Il Giardino Armonico/Giovanni Antonini
- "Handel in Italy Vol. 1"
Soloists, London Early Opera/Bridget Cunningham

"Rameau's Funeral, Paris 27.IX.1764"
Soloists, Collegium Vocale Gent, Capriccio Stravagante Les 24 Violons/Skip Sempé

Telemann: Overture & Concertos for recorder
Bolette Roed, Arte dei Suonatori

CD releases

July 2016

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