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CD reviews (20 Oct 2014)

JS Bach: "Arias - Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach"
Nuria Rial, Benoît Laurent, Julia Schröder, Kammerorchester Basel

"Et in Arcadia ego"
Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli, Concerto Stella Matutina/Christoph Hammer
Handel: "Duetti da Camera"
Roberta Invernizzi, Marina de Liso, La Risonanza/Fabio Bonizzoni

Pachelbel: "Complete Organ Works I"
Michael Belotti, David James Christie, Jürgen Essl, Christian Schmitt

Platti: "Concerti per il Cembalo obligato"
Luca Guglielmi, Concerto Madrigalesco

Telemann: "Wind Concertos" Vols. 6 - 8
La Stagione Frankfurt/Michael Schneider

CD releases:

September 2014

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