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CD reviews (24 Nov 2014)

JG & CH Graun:
Les Récréations
- "Trios for Violin or Viola & Clavier"
- "Trios for 2 Violins & Basso"
Les Amis de Philippe

Handel: Belshazzar (HWV 61)
Soloists, Les Arts Florissants/William Christie

Locke: The Broken Consort, Part I - Tripla Concordia
Wayward Sisters

- Il Quarto Libro dei Madrigali
La Dolce Maniera/Luigi Gaggero
- "Love and Loss"
James Gilchrist, Arcangelo/Jonathan Cohen

Roman: "Trios"
Ensemble Dulcis in Fundo

CD releases:

October 2014

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