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Concert review (9 April 2014):

Biber: Rosenkranz-Sonaten & Rosenmüller: Lamentationes Jeremiae
Ensemble Ausonia

CD reviews (14 April 2014)

- "Between dungeon and crown - Giovanni Punto and his impact"
- Rosetti: "Trovatello"
Compagnia di Punto

"Mortale, che pensi? (Reliquie di Roma, III)"
Atalante/Erin Headley

"Taffel Consort - Instrumental Works of William Brade & Thomas Simpson"
Weser-Renaissance Bremen/Manfred Cordes

Telemann: 12 Fantasias for transverse flute, played on the recorder
- Héloïse Gaillard
- Dorothee Oberlinger
- Tommaso Rossi

De Wert: "O mors, quam amara est - Motets, Book I (1566)"
Collegium Musicum Amsterdam/Anthony Zielhorst

There will be no new reviews on 21 April (Second Day of Easter)

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