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CD reviews (25 March 2019)

Music for Passiontide

Graupner: "Das Leiden Jesu - Passion Cantatas II"
Solistenensemble Ex Tempore, Mannheimer Hofkapelle/Florian Heyerick

Lassus: St Matthew Passion
Musica Ficta/Bo Holten

A Scarlatti: "Responsories for Holy Week - Holy Saturday"
La Stagione Armonica/Sergio Balestracci

"Concilium zu Constanz 1414 - 1418" (The Council of Constance)
Les Haulz et les Bas
"Di guerra e di pace - Renaissance music for winds and percussion"
La Pifarescha

"Secret Fires of Love"
Studio Rhetorica/Robert Toft

CD releases

March 2019

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Updated: 25 March 2019


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