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This list contains recently released recordings. It has been put together from several sources. Additions and corrections are most welcome.

The list is divided into two sections: first all releases devoted to one composer or a couple of composers. When works by more than one composer are recorded, the CD is alphabetised on the 'main' composer; otherwise on the first composer in the alphabet. After that follow the 'collections': CDs which contain works by three or more composers.
The name of the label and the reference number link - if possible - to a site with more information about the release.
Recordings which have been previously released are marked with (R).
Many record companies have a website. For lists look at Medieval Music & Arts Foundation or at Early Music Links.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to previous lists with CD releases.

N.B. Musicians and/or ensembles which want their new discs to be included in this list can send me an e-mail:
There are two conditions:
- the use of period instruments (if relevant)
- a link to a website with details about the disc

May 2018


Bach (CPE): "Solo Keyboard Music, 36"
Miklós Spányi, tangent piano

BIS - 2263

Bach (CPE): "Voyage sentimental"
Mathieu Dupouy, fortepiano

Herissons - LH17

Bach (CPE): "Wo fliehst du hin aus meinem Herzen?"
Bettina Pahn, soprano; Tini Mathot, fortepiano

Naxos - 8.551374

Bach (JS): "Bach with heART - Organ Works"
Silvia Tomat, organ

Fugatto - FUG068

Bach (JS): "Cross-dressing Bach - Chamber rarities and alternative versions"
Enrico Gatti, violin; Rinaldo Alessandrini, harpsichord

Glossa - GCD 921210

Bach (JS): "Grosse Orgelwerke"
Ivan Ronda, organ

Fugatto - FUG069

Bach (JS): "The Mono Tapes"
Friedrich Gulda, clavichord

Berlin Classics - 0301063BC

Bach (JS): "Music for lute"
Thomas Dunford, lute

Alpha - 361

Bach (JS): "Pour Luther - Cantates BWV 76, 79 & 80"
Soloists, Montreal Baroque/Susie Napper

ATMA - ACD2 2407

Bach (JS): "Sonatas, Partitas, Suites - Complete Arrangements for Solo Recorder by Frans Brüggen"
Bolette Roed, recorder

Ondine - ODE13232D (2 CDs)

Bach (JS): "The Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord"
Rachel Barton Pine, violin; Jory Vinikour, harpsichord

Çedille - CDR90000177 (2 CDs)

Bach (JS), Telemann: "Cantatas for Baritone"
Christoph Prégardien, baritone; Vox Orchestra/Lorenzo Ghirlanda

deutsche harmonia mundi - 19075834122

Beethoven: "Sonatas for Fortepiano and Violin Volume 4"
Ian Watson, fortepiano; Susanna Ogata, violin

Coro - COR16161

Buxtehude: "Abendmusiken"
Vox Luminis/Lionel Meunier

Alpha - 287

Capron: Premier Livre de Sonates a violon seul et basse
Ann Roux, violin; Marieanne Lee, cello; Lionel Desmeules, harpsichord

Claves - 50-1809

Charpentier: La descente d'Orphée aux enfers
Cyril Auvity, tenor; Ensemble Desmarest/Ronan Khalil

Glossa - GCD 923602

Charpentier: Leçons de ténèbres
Samuel Boden, tenor; Stéphane Degout, baritone; Arcangelo/Jonathan Cohen

Hyperion - CDA68171

Clérambault, Rameau: "Amours contrariées - Cantatas"
Zachary Wilder, tenor; Akiko Sato, harpsichord

Centaur - CRC 3629

Correa de Arauxo: "Organ Music"
Francesco Cera, organ

Brilliant Classics - 95508 (2 CDs)

Francoeur: Sonates À Violon Seul Et Basse Continue, Livre I
Kreeta-Maria Kentala, violin; Lauri Pulakka, cello; Mitzi Meyerson, harpsichord

Glossa - GCD 921809

Graupner: "Das Leiden Jesu - Passion Cantatas II"
Ex Tempore; Mannheimer Hofkapelle/Florian Heyerick

CPO - 555 170-2

Handel: Acis and Galatea
Soloists, Early Opera Company/Christian Curnyn

Chandos - CHSA0404(2) (2 CDs)

Handel: "Handel's Finest Arias for Base Voice, Vol. 2"
Christopher Purves, baritone; Arcangelo/Jonathan Cohen

Hyperion - CDA68152

Handel: Johannes-Passion
La Capella Ducale, Musica Fiata/Roland Wilson

CPO - 555 173-2

Handel: "Sonatas for violin and basso continuo"
The Brook Street Band

AVIE - AV2387

Handel, Vivaldi: Motets
Grace Davidson, soprano; Academy of Ancient Music/Joseph Crouch

Signum Classics - SIGCD537

Hasse (JA): "Arie d'opera"
Elena De Simone, mezzo-soprano; Ensemble Il Mosaico

Tactus - TC 690801

Haydn (FJ): "Lamentazione" (Symphonies, Vol. 6)
Kammerorchester Basel/Giovanni Antonini

Alpha - 678

Laurenzi: "La finta savia - Arias"
Elena Cecchi Fedi, soprano; Carlo Vistoli, alto; Ensemble Sezione Aurea/Filippo Pantieri

Brilliant Classics - 95685

Lübeck: "Complete Harpsichord & Organ Music"
Manuel Tomadin, harpsichord, organ

Brilliant Classics - 95453 (2 CDs)

Marenzio: "L'Amoroso & Crudo Stile"
RossoPorpora/Walter Testolin

Arcana - A 449

Mayr (RI): "Psalms from Sacri Concentus 1681"
Soloists, Ars Antiqua Austria/Gunar Letzbor

Challenge Classics - CC72759

Monteverdi: Scherzi Musicali, Venezia 1607
L'Esa Ensemble, Baschenis Ensemble/Sergio Chierici

Tactus - TC 561309

Mundy: "Sacred Choral Music"
Choir Of St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh/Duncan Ferguson

Delphian - DCD34204

Paganini: "His Music, His Instruments"
Giulio Plotino, violin; Clemens Hagen, cello; Matteo Mela, guitar

Dynamic - CDS7795

Paganini: Tre Duetti Concertanti per Violino e Fagotto
The Apollo Ensemble

Centaur - CRC 3461

Purcell: "Suites for Harpsichord"
Ewa Rzetecka-Niewiadomska, harpsichord

Dux - 1437

Purcell: "Symphony While The Swans Come Forward"
Johannette Zomer, soprano; La Sfera Armoniosa/Mike Fentross

Challenge Classics - CC72783

Rameau: "Complete Solo Keyboard Works"
Steven Devine, harpsichord

Resonus Classics - RES10214 (3 CDs)

Scarlatti (D), Ligeti: "Continuum"
Justin Taylor, harpsichord

Alpha - 399

Schubert: Octet in F (D 803)
Isabelle Faust, Anne Katharina Schreiber, violin; Danusha Waskiewicz, viola; Kristin von der Goltz, cello; Lorenzo Coppola, clarinet; Javier Zafra, bassoon; Teunis van der Zwart, horn; James Munro, double bass

Harmonia mundi - HMM 902263

Schütz: Schwanengesang
Soloists, Dresdner Kammerchor, instrumental ensemble/Hans Christoph Rademann

Carus - 83.275

Spohr: "3 Sonatas for Harp and Violin"
Masumi Nagasawa, harp; Cecilia Bernardini, violin

BIS - 2302

Telemann: "Solo Fantasias"
Richard Boothby, viola da gamba

Signum Classics - SIGCD544

Telemann: "Wind Overtures Vol. 1"
L'Orfeo Bläserensemble/Carin van Heerden

CPO - 555 085-2

Veit: "Complete String Quartets, Vol. 2"
Kertész Quartet

Toccata - TOCC0409

Vivaldi: "Concerti per archi III & Concerti per viola d'amore"
Alessandro Tampieri, viola d'amore; Accademia Bizantina, Ottavio Dantone

Naive - OP30570 (2 CDs)

Vivaldi: "Concertos pour flûte à bec"
Vincent Lauzer, recorder; Arion/Alexander Weimann

ATMA - ACD2 2760

Vivanco: Missa Assumpsit Jesus
De Profundis/Robert Hollingworth

Hyperion - CDA68257

Wolf (EW): Jesu, deine Passion will ich jetzt bedenken
Soloists, Kölner Akademie/Michael Alexander Willens

CPO - 777 999-2

Zelenka: "Psalmi Vespertini III"
Prague Baroque Soloists, Ensemble Inegal/Adam Viktora

Nibiru - 01642231


"17th-century sacred music in Wroclaw"
Gli Angeli Geneve, Wroclaw Baroque Orchestra/Stephan Macleod

Claves - 50-1805

"Boethius: Songs Of Consolation - Metra from 11th-century Canterbury"

Glossa - GCD 922518

"Frammenti del discorso amoroso"
Marianna Henriksson, harpsichord

Siba Records - SRCD-1020

Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli, soprano; Filippo Mineccia, alto; Pera Ensemble/Mehmet Cemal Yesilçay

Glossa - GCD 923515

"Lyra Sonora - Music for the 12 Course Lute"
Anders Ericson, lute

Daphne - 1061

"Mandolino e Violino in Italia"
Anna Torge, mandolin; Mayumi Hirasaki, violin; Il cantino

CPO - 555 050-2

"Maria! Maria! - 400 Years Of Chant In The Brigittine Order"
Ensemble Gemma/Karin Strinnholm Lagergren

Sterling - CDA1828

"Music for the Medieval & Rennaissance Fiddle"
Dietmar Berger, fiddle

Urania - LDV14037

Blandine Staskiewicz, mezzo-soprano; Les Accents/Thibault Noally

Aparté - AP178

"Pastoral Fables - Music for cor anglais and piano"
Alexandre Oguey, cor anglais; Neal Peres Da Costa, fortepiano

ABC Classics - ABC4817026

"Rameau, Mozart & Bach Agli organi di Giuseppe Serassi"
Stefano Innocenti, organ

MV Cremona - MVC01134

"Vater unser - German Sacred Cantatas"
Paulin Bündgen, alto; Clematis

Ricercar - RIC 389

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