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This list contains recently released recordings. It has been put together from several sources. Additions and corrections are most welcome.

The list is divided into two sections: first all releases devoted to one composer or a couple of composers. When works by more than one composer are recorded, the CD is alphabetised on the 'main' composer; otherwise on the first composer in the alphabet. After that follow the 'collections': CDs which contain works by three or more composers.
The name of the label and the reference number link - if possible - to a site with more information about the release.
Recordings which have been previously released are marked with (R).
Many record companies have a website. For lists look at Medieval Music & Arts Foundation or at Early Music Links.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to previous lists with CD releases.

N.B. Musicians and/or ensembles which want their new discs to be included in this list can send me an e-mail:
There are two conditions:
- the use of period instruments (if relevant)
- a link to a website with details about the disc

January 2019


Beethoven: "Complete Piano Sonatas Vol. 5"
John Khouri, fortepiano

San Francisco Fortepiano Society - 051018-32

Berlioz: Harold en Italie - Les Nuits d'été
Stéphane Degout, baritone; Tabea Zimmermann, viola; Les Siècles/François-Xavier Roth

Harmonia mundi - HMM 902634

Cardoso: "Requiem, Lamentations, Magnificat & motets"
Cupertinos/Luís Toscano

Hyperion - CDA68252

Corelli: "Solos and Concertos Fitted for the Flutes"
Marco Scorticati, recorder; Estro Cromatico

Arcana - A 112

Couperin (F): Les Nations
Les Talens Lyriques/Christophe Rousset

Aparté - AP197 (2 CDs)

Dall'Abaco (JMCF): 11 Capricci
Charlie Rasmussen, cello

Centaur - CRC 3649

Dussek: "Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 5"
Wolfgang Brunner, fortepiano

Brilliant Classics - 95605

Erlebach: "Complete Trio Sonatas"
L'Acheron/François Joubert-Caillet

Ricercar - RIC 393

Giuliani: "Guitar Solo and Chamber Music"
Ilaria Mancino, voice; Lauro Polimeno, voice & guitar; Enrico Casularo flute; Stefano Cardi, Andrea Orsi, Lorenzo Rubboli, guitar

Brilliant Classics - 95813

Handel: "The Coronation of King George II"
The King's Consort/Robert King

Château de Versailles - CVS005 (DVD)

Kuhnau: "Complete Sacred Works"
Opella Musica camerata lipsiensis/Gregor Meyer

CPO - 555 190-2

Lobo (A): "Sacred Vocal Music"
Coro Victoria/Ana Fernández-Vega

Brilliant Classics - 95789

Lonati: "Complete Sinfonias"
Ensemble Giardino di Delizie/Ewa Anna Augustynowicz

Brilliant Classics - 95590 (2 CDs)

Macque: "Madrigali & Organ Works"
Weser-Renaissance Bremen/Manfred Cordes; Edoardo Bellotti, organ

CPO - 777 977-2

Mahler: Symphony No. 6
MusicAeterna/Teodor Currentzis

Sony - 19075822951 (vinyl)

Marcello (B): "Psalms and Sonatas Vol. I"
Ensemble Salomone Rossi/Lydia Cevidalli

Concerto Classics - NT2109

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: "Piano Concertos"
Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano; Die Kölner Akademie/Michael Alexander Willens

BIS - 2264

Molinaro: Danze e Fantasie da intavolatura di liuto Libro I, Venezia 1599
Ugo Nastrucci, lute

Brilliant Classics - 95516

Pachelbel: "Complete Keyboard Music"
Simone Stella, harpsichord, organ

Brilliant Classics - 95623 (13 CDs)

Pelazza: "Organ Music"
Fabio Macera, organ

Brilliant Classics - 95516

Rameau: Les Fetes de l'Hymen, Et De L'Amour
The New York Baroque Dance Company, Kalanidhi Dance, The Sean Curran Company Opera Lafayette/Ryan Brown

Naxos - 2110393 (DVD)

Rore: "Vieni, dolce Imeneo - Madrigali"
La Compagnia del Madrigale

Glossa - GCD 922808

Scarlatti (A): "Serenate" (Al fragor di lieta tromba; Bel piacere ch'è la caccia)
Alessandro Stradella Consort/Estevan Velardi

Concerto Classics - CNT21072 (2 CDs)

Tartini: "4-parts Sonatas and Sinfonias"
Il Demetrio/Maurizio Schiavo, violin

Brilliant Classics - 95398


"L'Alessandro amante"
Xavier Sabata, alto; Vespres d'Arnadi/Dani Espasa

Aparté - AP192

"Dolci affetti - Arien aus Demofoonte"
Charlotte Schäfer, soprano; Concerto Con Anima/Michael Preiser

ARS Produktion - ARS 38 262

"Er heißet Wunderbar!"
Barokkanerne/Alfredo Bernardini

Lawo - LWC 1169

"From Byrd to Byrd"
Friederike Chylek, harpsichord

Oehms - OC1702

"Gardens of Delight - Roses, Lilies and Flowers in Medieval Song"
The Telling

First Hand Records - FHR068

"El Grial - Music and medieval literature around the Holy Grail"
Capella de Ministrers/Carles Magraner

Capella de Ministrers - CDM 1845

"In a Strange Land - Elizabethan composers in exile"
Stile Antico

Harmonia mundi - HMM 902266

"London circa 1700 - Purcell & his generation"
La Rêveuse/Florence Bolton, Benjamin Perrot

Mirare - MIR 368

"Music for Mandora"
Gábor Tokodi, mandora

Brilliant Classics - 95869

"Neapolitan Cantatas - Hasse, Mancini, Porpora, Porsile"
Antonello Dorigo, alto; Giuseppina Ledda, transverse flute; Fabio Catania, viola da gamba; Pierluigi Morelli, harpsichord

Brilliant Classics - 95778

"L'opéra des opéras"
Katherine Watson, Karine Deshayes, soprano; Reinoud Van Mechelen, tenor; Le Concert Spirituel/Hervé Niquet

Alpha - 442

"Piae Cantiones"
Utopia Chamber Choir/Andrew Lawrence-King

Alia Vox - AV9932

"Porta Magna Cello Sonatas"
Stefano Veggeti, cello piccolo; Ensemble Cordia

Brilliant Classics - 95802

"Si vous vouliez un jour - Airs sérieux et à boire, Vol. 2"
Les Arts Florissants/William Christie

Harmonia mundi - HAF 8905306

"Sonata Norwegica"
Caroline Eidsten Dahl, recorder; Ensemble Freithoff

Lawo - LWC1165

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