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This list contains recently released recordings. It has been put together from several sources. Additions and corrections are most welcome.

The list is divided into two sections: first all releases devoted to one composer or a couple of composers. When works by more than one composer are recorded, the CD is alphabetised on the 'main' composer; otherwise on the first composer in the alphabet. After that follow the 'collections': CDs which contain works by three or more composers.
The name of the label and the reference number link - if possible - to a site with more information about the release.
Recordings which have been previously released are marked with (R).
Many record companies have a website. For lists look at Medieval Music & Arts Foundation or at Early Music Links.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to previous lists with CD releases.

N.B. Musicians and/or ensembles which want their new discs to be included in this list can send me an e-mail:
There are two conditions:
- the use of period instruments (if relevant)
- a link to a website with details about the disc

March 2019


Bach (CPE): "The Solo Keyboard Music, Vol. 37"
Miklos Spányi, harpsichord

BIS - 2331

Bach (H, JB, JE, JF & JL): "Organ Works"
Stefano Molardi, organ

Brilliant Classics - 95884 (2 CDs)

Bach (JS): "Bach in Bologna"
Mauro Valli, cello

Arcana - A 459 (3 CDs)

Bach (JS): Cantatas BWV 17, 33 & 99
Soloists, Thomanerchor Leipzig, Sächsisches Barockorchester/Gotthold Schwarz

Accentus Music - ACC30471

Bach (JS): "Complete Organ Works Vol. 1"
Enrico Viccardi, organ

Fugatto - FUG065

Bach (JS): "Complete Organ Works Vol. 3"
Enrico Viccardi, organ

Fugatto - FUG072

Bach (JS): "Complete Organ Works Vol. 4"
Enrico Viccardi, organ

Fugatto - FUG073

Bach (JS): "Concertos for Organ and Strings"
Bart Jacobs, organ; Les Muffatti

Ramée - RAM 1804

Bach (JS): The Well-tempered Clavier, Vol. 1
Steven Devine, harpsichord

Resonus - RES10239 (2 CDs)

Bach (JS): The Well-tempered Clavier, Book 2
Giedre Luksaite-Mrázková, harpsichord

Arta - F10232

Balbastre: Pièces de clavecin, Premier Livre
Marie Nishiyama, harpsichord

OMF - KDC2063

Boccherini: Stabat mater, Cello concertos, Quintet
Sandrine Piau, soprano; Pulcinella Orchestra/Ophélie Gaillard, cello

Aparté - AP194 (2 CDs)

Cabezón: "Tientos, Diferencias y Glosadas"
Léon Berben, organ

Aeolus - AE-11171

Caccini: Le Nuove Musiche
Riccardo Pisani, tenor; Ensemble Ricercare Antico/Francesco Tomasi

Brilliant Classics - 95794

Caresana: "Secular Chamber Cantatas"
Juliette de Banes Gardonne, mezzo-soprano; Ensemble Démesure

Brilliant Classics - 95923

Cavalli: Il Giasone
Soloists, Cappella Mediterranea/Leonardo Garcia Alarcón

Alpha - 718 (DVD)

Cavalli: "Missa 1660 - Grande messe vénitienne pour la paix franco-espagnole de Louis XIV"
Galilei Consort/Benjamin Chénier

Château de Versailles Spectacles - CVS006

Dufay: "Lament for Constantinople & other songs"
The Orlando Consort

Hyperion - CDA68236

Duport (JL): "Concertos pour violoncelle"
Raphaël Pidoux, cello; Stradivaria/Daniel Cuiller

Mirare - MIR 394

Dussek: "Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 6"
Viviana Sofronitsky, fortepiano

Brilliant Classics - 95598

Gambini: "8 Chamber Romances"
Benedetta Torre, soprano; Davide Mingozzi, fortepiano

Brilliant Classics - 95888

Giuliani: "Guitar Solo and Chamber Music"
Ilaria Mancino, voice; Lauro Polimeno, voice, guitar; Enrico Casularo, transverse flute; Stefano Cardi, Andrea Orsi, Lorenzo Rubboli, guitar

Brilliant Classics - 95813

Handel: Acis and Galatea
Soloists, The Sixteen/Harry Christophers

Coro - COR16169

Handel: Dixit Dominus; JS Bach & Schütz: Motets
Ottawa Bach Choir/Daniel Taylor

ATMA - ACD2 2790

Handel: Judas Maccabaeus
Soloists, NDR Chor, FestspielOrchester Göttingen/Laurence Cummings

Accent - ACC 26410 (2 CDs)

Haydn (FJ): "Haydn 2032, Vol. 7 - Gli Impresari"
Kammerorchester Basel/Giovanni Antonini

Alpha - 680

Haydn (FJ): "Piano Sonatas Hob.XVI: 6, 20 & 48"
Kristian Bezuidenhout, fortepiano

Harmonia mundi - HMM 902273

Karg-Elert: "Frühe Meisterwerke für Kunstharmonium"
Jan Hennig, harmonium [1902]

Ambiente - 3041

Keiser: Der blutige und sterbende Jesus
Soloists, Cantus Thuringia, Capella Thuringia/Bernhard Klapprott

CPO - 555 259-2

La Rue: "Masses"
The Sound and the Fury

fra bernardo - fb 1810455

Mayr: I Cherusci
Soloists, Members of the Bavarian State Opera Chorus, Simon Mayr Chorus, Concerto de Bassus/Franz Hauk

Naxos - 8.660399-400 (2 CDs)

Mielczewski: Vocal Works (II)
Wroclaw Baroque Ensemble/Andrzej Kosendiak

CD Accord - ACD248

Morel: Premier Livre de Pièces de Violle
Alejandro Marias, viole de gambe; Ensemble La Spagna

Brilliant Classics - 95962

Morin: "French Cantatas"
Stefanie True, soprano; Ensemble Lautenwerck/Giulio Quirici

Et'cetera - KTC 1635

Mozart (WA), arr Lichtenberg: Requiem in d minor (KV 626)
Pandolfis Consort

Gramola - 99188

Muffat (Gottl): "Suites for Harpsichord, Vol. 2"
Naoko Akutagawa, harpsichord

Naxos - 8.573275

Purcell: "The Care of Lovers"
Rowan Pierce, soprano; William Carter, theorbo; Academy of Ancient Music/Richard Egarr

Linn Records - CKD 592

Roman: Golovin Musiken
Höör Barock/Dan Laurin

BIS - 2355

Rossini: Le Comte Ory
Soloists, Les Eléments, Orchestre des Champs-Elysées/Louis Langrée

C Major Entertainment - CM747504 (Blu-ray)
C Major Entertainment - CM747408 (2 DVDs)

Rossini: "String Sonatas Nos 4-6"; Hoffmeister: "Solo Quartets Nos 3 & 4"
Minna Pensola, violin; Antti Tikkanen, violin, viola; Tuomas Lehto, cello; Niek de Groot, double bass

BIS - 2318

Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3 'Organ'
Ulrich Meldau, organ; Capriccio Baroque Orchestra/Karen Valter

Aeolus - AE-10097

Schale: "5 Harpsichord Sonatas"
Luigi Chiarizia, harpsichord

Urania Records - LDV14048

Schneider (F): Das Weltgericht
Soloists, GewandhausChor, camerata lipsiensis/Gregor Meyer

CPO - 555 119-2

Schubert: "Works for Four Hands, Vol. 6"
Jan Vermeulen, Veerle Peeters, fortepiano

Et'cetera - KTC 1506

Taverner: Missa Gloria tibi trinitas
Contrapunctus, Choir of Queens College Oxford/Owen Rees

Signum Classics - SIGCD570

Vivaldi: "La stravaganza - 12 Violin Concertos Op. IV"
Anton Martynov, violin; Modo Antiquo/Federico Maria Sardelli

Dynamic - CDS 7778

Weckmann: "Organ Music"
Hilger Kespohl, organ

MDG - 9062109


"Amor, Fortuna et Morte"
Profeti Della Quinta/Elam Rotem

Pan Classics - PC 10396

"Baroque Journey"
Lucie Horsch, recorder; Academy of Ancient Music/Richard Egarr

Decca - 4834722

"Le Chansonnier de Louvain"
Ensemble Stravaganza

Passacaille - 1054

"The Dubhlinn Gardens"
Reinoud Van Mechelen, tenor; Anna Besson, transverse flute; A Nocte Temporis

Alpha - 447

"Inspirations: D'Anglebert, Forqueray, Rameau"
Mélisande McNabney, harpsichord

ATMA - ACD2 2780

"Leipziger Disputation"
amarcord; Calmus Ensemble

Carus - 83.497

"Marais meets Corelli"
Lina Tur Bonet, violin; Jakob Rattinger, viola da gamba; Ensemble musica narrans

Pan Classics - PC 10395

"Music for Saint Katherine"
The Binchois Consort/Andrew Kirkman

Hyperion - CDA68274

"Of arms and a woman - Late medieval wind music"

First Hand Records - FHR069

"Trauermusik - Haydn in Sevilla"
Julia Doyle, soprano; Jorge Renteria, horn; Alejandro Casal, organ; Orquesta Barroca Sevilla/Enrico Onofri

Passacaille - 1048

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