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This list contains recently released recordings. It has been put together from several sources. Additions and corrections are most welcome.

The list is divided into two sections: first all releases devoted to one composer or a couple of composers. When works by more than one composer are recorded, the CD is alphabetised on the 'main' composer; otherwise on the first composer in the alphabet. After that follow the 'collections': CDs which contain works by three or more composers.
The name of the label and the reference number link - if possible - to a site with more information about the release.
Recordings which have been previously released are marked with (R).
Many record companies have a website. For lists look at Medieval Music & Arts Foundation or at Early Music Links.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to previous lists with CD releases.

N.B. Musicians and/or ensembles which want their new discs to be included in this list can send me an e-mail:
There are two conditions:
- the use of period instruments (if relevant)
- a link to a website with details about the disc

Sept 2019


Bach (CPE): "Solo Keyboard Music, Vol. 38"
Miklós Spányi, harpsichord

BIS - 2337

Bach (JS): "A Violoncello Senza Basso - Chapter I"
Francesco Galligioni, cello

fra bernardo - FB 1904783

Bach (JS): "Complete Organ Works Vol. 5"
Enrico Viccardi, organ

Fugatto - FUG074

Bach (JS): "Complete Partitas"
Francesco Corti, harpsichord

Berlin Classics - 885470013244

Bach (JS): "Organ Works Vol. 3"
Masaaki Suzuki, organ

BIS - 2421

Bach (JS): "Solo Cantatas for Bass BWV 56, 82 & 158"
David Greco, bass; Luthers Bach Ensemble/Tymen Jan Bronda

Brilliant Classics - 95942

Bach (JS): "Wo soll ich fliehen hin"
Cellini Consort

Ramée - RAM 1911

Boccherini: Stabat mater
Anaďs Oliveras, soprano; Guadalupe del Moral, Elisabeth Bataller, violin; Jordi Armengol, viola; Oleguer Aymamí, cello; Xavier Puertas, double bass

Enchiriadis - EN2050

Boismortier: "The Court and the Village - Chamber Music"
Cappella Musicale Enrico Stuart/Romeo Cuffa

Brilliant Classics - 96036

Boismortier: "Sonates pour violon Op. 20"
Olivier Brault, violin; Sonate 1704

Analekta - AN2 8769

Buxtehude: "Buxtehude at Lynchburg"
J. William Greene, organ

Pro Organo - PO7170

Carbonelli: "Sonate da Camera Nos. 7-12"
Bojan Cicic, violin; The Illyria Consort

Delphian - DCD34214

Charpentier: Les Plaisirs de Versailles; Les Arts Florissants
Boston Early Music Festival Vocal & Chamber Ensembles/Paul O'Dette, Stephen Stubbs

CPO - 555 283-2

Dandrieu, Corelli: "Opus 1"
Le Consort

Alpha - 542

Dowland: Lachrymae
Opera Prima Ensemble/Cristiano Contadin

Brilliant Classics - 95699

Elsner: "Complete Chamber Music"
Trio Margaux; Hoffmeister Quartet; Martin Seemann, cello; Beni Araki, fortepiano

Profil Medien - PH19033 (4 CDs)

Finger: "A Bohemian in London - Violin Sonatas"
Duo Dorado

Chandos - CHAN0824

Freddi: "Vespers (1616)"
The Gonzaga Band/Jamie Savan

Resonus - RES10245

Gaffurio: "Missa de Carnaval - Motetti Missales"
Accademia del Ricercare/Pietro Busca

Elegia - ELECLA19069

Geminiani: "Quinta Esssencia"
Concerto Köln/Mayumi Hirasaki

Berlin Classics - 0301285BC

Gesualdo da Venosa: "Madrigali"
Exaudi Vocal Ensemble

Winter & Winter - 910259-2

Grandi: "Celesti Fiori - Motetti"
Utfasol Ensemble, Accademia d'Arcadia/Alessandra Rossi Lürig

Arcana - A 464

Handel: "Concerti grossi Op. 6 (1-6)"
Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin/Bernhard Forck

Pentatone - PTC5186737

Hasse (JA): "Hasse at Home - Cantatas and Sonatas"
Le Musiche Nove

deutsche harmonia mundi - 19075936422

Josquin, Bauldeweyn: Missa Mater Patris, Missa Da pacem
The Tallis Scholars/Peter Phillips

Gimell - CDGIM052

Kapsberger: Intavolatura di Chitarone
Jonas Nordberg, theorbo

BIS - 2417

Lanzetti: "12 Cello Sonatas, Op. 1"
Claudio Ronco, Emanuela Vozza, cello

Urania - LDV14051 (2 CDs)

Lully: Dies irae, De profundis & Te Deum
Olivier Brault, violin; Sonate 1704

Alpha - 307224

Lully: Te Deum; HIF von Biber: Missa Salisburgensis
Les Pages du Centre de Musique, Baroque de Versailles, Collegium Vocale 1704/Václav Luks

Château de Versailles Spectacles - CVS012 [DVD]

Machaut: "The Single Rose"
The Orlando Consort

Hyperion - CDA68277

Monteverdi: L'incoronazione di Poppea
Les Arts Florissants/William Christie

Harmonia mundi - HAF890262224 (3 CDs)

Mozart (WA): "Libertŕ! Mozart & the Opera"
Soloists, Pygmalion/Raphaël Pichon

Harmonia mundi - HMM 90263839 (2 CDs)

Mozart (WA): Sonatas K570, 282 & 333
Geoffrey Lancaster, fortepiano

Tall Poppies - TP260CD

Palestrina: "Lamentations"

Hyperion - CDA68284

Porsile: "Mannaggia Amore - Cantatas for soprano"
Stefanie True, soprano; La Cicala/Inęs d'Avena

Passacaille - 1061

Purcell (H): "Royal Welcome Songs for King Charles II, Volume II"
The Sixteen/Harry Christophers

Coro - COR16173

Rameau, GA Benda: Pygmalion
Soloists, Apotheosis Orchestra/Korneel Bernolet

Ramée - RAM 1809

Sainte-Colombe: "Le Monde de Sainte-Colombe"
Les Voix Humaines

ATMA - ACD2 3021

Scarlatti (A): "Cantatas & Recorder Concertos"
Roberta Invernizzi, soprano; Stefano Bagliano, recorder; Collegium Pro Musica

Brilliant Classics - 95721

Schubert: "Music for Violin I"
Ariadne Daskalakis, violin; Paolo Giacometti, fortepiano; Die Kölner Akademie/Michael Alexander Willens

BIS - 2363

Schubert: Winterreise
Britta Schwarz, mezzo-soprano; Christine Schornsheim, fortepiano

Rondeau - ROP6182

D & NA Strunck & P Morhardt: "Complete Organ Music"
Manuel Tomadin, organ

Brilliant Classics - 95758 (2 CDs)

Turrini: "12 Sonatas for Harpsichord"
Michele Barchi, harpsichord

Brilliant Classics - 95522 (2 CDs)

Zipoli: "Sonate d'intavolatura per organo e cimbalo - Opera omnia per tastiera"
Andrea Banaudi, harpsichord; Gabriele Giacomelli, organ

Elegia - ELECLA19071


"From Palaces to Pleasure Gardens"
Thomas Trotter, organ

Regent - REGCD526

"Göttinger Stadtmusik"
Göttinger Barockorchester/Antonius Adamske

Coviello Classics - COV 91911

"Gregorian Requiem - Chants of the Requiem Mass"
Gloriae Dei Cantores Schola/Richard J. Pugsley

Gloriae Dei Cantores - GDCD117

"Hamburger Rhetorik"
Leon W. Couch III, organ

Pro Organo - PO7166

"Il Postiglione"
Laura Schmid, recorder; Ensemble D'Istinto

ARS Produktion - ARS 38561

"Il Sud - Seicento violin music in southern Italy"

Passacaille - 1059

"Maddalena and the Prince"
Maddalena Del Gobbo, viola da gamba, baryton; Robert Bauerstatter, viola; David Pennetzdorfer, cello; Ewald Donhoffer, harpsichord

DGG - 4818263

"Maria, dolce Maria"
Wendy Roobol, soprano; Cassandra Luckhardt, viola da gamba, cello; Arjen Verhage, theorbo; Krijn Koetsveld, harpsichord, organ

Brilliant Classics - 95893

"O Gemma Clarissima - Music in praise of St Catherine"
The Choir's of St Catherine's College, Cambridge/Edward Wickham

Resonus - RES10246

"Praga Rosa Bohemiae"
Cappella Mariana/Vojtech Semerád

Supraphon - SU42732

"Seicento - Italian early baroque music"
Accademia del Ricercare/Pietro Busca

Elegia - ELECLA19065

"Telemann and His Subscribers"
Tabea Debus, recorder

TYXArt - TXA18107

"Venetian Cello Sonatas"
Gaetano Nasillo, Sara Bennici, cello; Evangelina Mascardi, theorbo; Anna Fontana, harpsichord

Arcana - A 465

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